speech-bubblesI know what some of you are thinking.  Shouldn’t starting a conversation about Jesus be like starting a conversation about anything else?  Well, of course, but the only difference is the cultural stigma, lack of practice and spiritual warfare that goes along with it. Here are five ingredients to be able to talk more about Jesus to people around you.

1. Pray.  Are you praying about opportunities?  Prayer is a powerful tool that aligns me to God’s heart and plan for me and my day. Prayer is a method of seeking the Lord and to align my thoughts and ways with His thoughts and ways (Isaiah 55:3-9). When I encounter someone that is struggling, I can easily empathize or sympathize when I am on God’s page. The empathy/sympathy builds a desire/passion to share with them Jesus who has an answer for their pain.

2. Bible Reading.  The Psalmist tells us that God’s word will direct us (Psalm 119:105 – Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path).  I have found that when I am regularly reading God’s word, I naturally talk about it. Reading and memorizing God’s word educates me as to what to say to other people if they have questions.  I do not remember everything that I read but I do find that at a moment the Lord helps my memory to recall things that I have read.

3. Practice. The wonderful thing about being part of a Bible believing faith family, known as a local church, is that I get to practice talking about Jesus (Romans 14:13-20).  These people are so friendly that my comfort level increases when I talk to them about Jesus. After I have spoke with Christian friends about Jesus, it is that much easier to talk to people that may not share my views about Jesus.

4. Free Yourself. You are not going to talk or share Jesus like anyone else you know.  God has wired you (pain, education, culture, etc.) to be the you that God has intended.  Sharing Jesus should never be fueled solely by personality. We have narrowed evangelism to the over-the-top personalities. Evangelism is not personality driven but Spirit driven. The same Spirit and the Spirit’s goal (Matthew 28:18-20) is found in every follower of Jesus. Do not be like someone else. Be yourself and tell others about Jesus in the way that He has gifted you.

5. Go for it. You probably identify windows of opportunity in conversations that you could or should say something. You will have a choice in that moment to either shrink back or bring up what Jesus has done for you (Acts 20:20). Take advantage of those moments. BUT … You may not know all the answers … You may not know what to say.  Here is a little secret … none of us do. One of the coolest witnesses that you will give is “I do not know … but I will get back with you.” That phrase communicates that you are not arrogant and that you are willing to walk alongside that person through the season that they are enduring. Be the “I do not know … but I will get back with you” person!

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