The 2010 Tennessee Baptist Convention was marked with an incredible spirit of unity.  There was great preaching, wonderful reporting, and major business conducted.

With that said, it must be understood that unity is either a “kumbaya” moment birthed in the emotions of the flesh, or a birthright initiated in the heart of God for His children.

This kind of unity characterizes a people who have surrendered to the Lordship of Christ, are filled with His spirit, and are obedient to His every command.  The fleshly unity that does not possess a Christ-centered compelling purpose breeds apathy and mediocrity.  But a unity that is based upon the Lordship of Christ results in a total surrender to His commands, resulting in a supernatural sacrifice of ourselves to accomplish a compelling purpose.

Now is the time to seize this moment that is so pregnant with opportunity.  The challenges before us have been well documented.  We are living in a culture without Christ.  May every brother and sister in Christ across our great state allow the Holy Spirit to bind our hearts together for Great Commission work and nothing else.  Certainly there will be opportunities to be distracted and discouraged, but now is the not the time to whine about the way things are; it is the time to dream about the preferable future that God has for all of us.  There are millions in Tennessee and billions around the globe who need to hear the good news that there is hope in Christ.  I look forward to our unified days ahead, surrendered to the person of Christ and compelled by His glorious purpose.
Personally, I just want to share how much the Tuesday evening worship time meant to the Davis family.  You were encouraging and blessed our hearts with everything associated with my start as Executive-Director Treasurer.

In Him,
Randy C. Davis

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