Much has been said about the Cooperative Program over the last couple of years. All of the conversation comes back to one thing— together we can have a greater impact on the world. Our own Executive Board recently voted to begin moving toward a 50/50 distribution of funds between Tennessee Baptist Convention ministries and Southern Baptist Convention ministries. That is a healthy, good distribution of funds that will have a great Kingdom impact locally and globally.

But changes must take place in our giving patterns. The typical church that’s giving through CP is only giving approximately 5% on the average. The real problem lies in the fact that our people in the pews are normally giving 2.6 %. That’s a long way from the biblical model of tithing.

Michael Waddey, pastor of Cottage Grove Baptist Church, gives eight wonderful suggestions on his blog (“Rural Church Stuff”) about how every church can increase Cooperative Program giving to a remarkable 10%:

  • If we go up by 2% this year, everyone gets a Lottie Moon bobble head doll.
  • Let your Women’s Missionary Union host a “sit in” in the pastor’s office until you get 10%.
  • Cancel church soft-ball until church reaches 10%.
  • There will be absolutely no padded pews or air conditioning until goal is met.
  • Challenge another local church to a duel to see who gets to 10% first. Loser has to sign over property to winner.
  • The pastor who leads his church to 11% gets back stage passes to next year’s Southern Baptist Convention. All access baby!!!
  • Four Words: No More Fried Chicken
  • Print T-shirts that say clever things, like: “Give Ten? We do!” Or “Friends don’t let friends give 3%!”

I knew you could clearly use a good laugh. Thanks, Michael!

  1. September 27, 2010

    That Michael Waddey is destined to be on David Letterman with the “Top 8 Reasons why Baptists should be giving 10% to the Cooperative Program”.
    I loved it!

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