The Volunteer Missions team is here is to help Tennessee Baptists locate and participate in the missions adventure.

For further information on Volunteer Missions and missions trips, please contact Steve Holt, Church Services Director, or Heather Beard, Ministry Assistant, 615.371.2061.

Tennessee: City Reach

City Reach is a missions partnership with the five metro associations in Tennessee, enabling churches across the state to walk alongside the local Baptist association to help them within their existing strategy.


Denver Partnership

There is tremendous need here, where the Southern Baptist church-to-population ratio for City of Denver is 1 to 52,855. A vital need for planting new churches exists between the urban core and the suburbs. All kinds of younger adults, who have spiritual curiosities and needs, are settling into these zones.


While Germany has a massive influence over Europe and has the largest population of its neighbors, it has less than 2 percent gospel-believing Christians. Almost 65 percent of Germans maintain the traditional church membership (Catholic or Protestant) but of that, less than 5 percent attend church on a regular basis. TBMB will partner with IMB personnel where and when possible; we will also work with German churches, where possible, to help reach the overwhelming number of immigrants and refugees.


Guatemala is the 4th poorest county in the western hemisphere. The population is around 15 million. Christianity is widely known but Christ is largely unknown. Media takes the Bible everyone, but few have ever been personally witnessed to by a Christian disciple.

Guatemala Partnership Video

All international projects are through the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.