Weeks of Prayer Standing Order Form

To order free envelopes and other printed promotional materials, complete the online or print form.

  • Churches need only to complete this form one time to automatically receive materials for the three missions offerings.
  • Please contact our office at 1-800-558-2090 ext. 2038 or Jacki Holleman if the quantity you requested needs to be changed or if you have any questions.


TN WMU Officers – 2021-2022

President: Yolanda Heuser
Executive Director-Treasurer: Vickie Anderson
Recording Secretary: Charlyene Couey-Moore
Vice President, East: Sheila Hall
Vice President, Middle: Ramona Hicks
Vice President, West: Sandy Louden

Promotion Director, Northeast: Teresa Larkin
Promotion Director, East: Shelby Lord
Promotion Director, Southeast: Vacant
Promotion Director North Central: Deona Lee Thomas
Promotion Director, Central: Phyllis Cobb
Promotion Director, South Central: Amy Leimer
Promotion Director, Northwest: Sheilah Spangler
Promotion Director, Southwest: Diane Sorrell