Do you think that October 10, 2010 might be a good day to preach tithing, or what?  Think about it:  10/10/10.  I’m not talking about a feel good message about fixing your finances, but a prophetic Biblical word spoken into the lives of your people—a message about the Biblical principle that the first 10% of what we earn is holy unto the Lord.  It is more than a matter of stewardship; it is a matter of Lordship.  People who give faithfully, sacrificially, systematically, consistently, and joyfully have no problem giving 10% because they have already recognized that Jesus is Lord of all the rest as well.

According to a report issued just last year by Empty Tomb, Inc., the average Southern Baptist church member gives 2.56% of their earnings to their churches.  During the Great Depression, the average church member gave nearly twice as much percentage-wise as he does today.  The church of America does not have a financial problem; it has a Lordship problem.  Can you imagine what it would be if our average church members would grow to give 5% (twice as much as they do now)?  And can you imagine what we could do for the sake of the Kingdom if the average church member obeyed the Word of God and gave 10%?  We could strengthen and plant churches here in Tennessee and appoint twice as many missionaries through NAMB and the IMB as we’re presently sending.  The Holy provision of God rests on those who are obedient.  Jesus taught us that there is an indelible link between our love for Him and our obedience to Him.  For example, “I love Him, so my family expresses that love in being obedient in the area of tithing.”

So go ahead.  Don’t be afraid.  Preach it! Let’s turn around a trend of disobedience to a glorious celebration of extravagant obedience.  October 10 would be a great day to begin.

In Him,

Randy C. Davis

  1. September 2, 2010

    Wise words, well spoken.

  2. September 3, 2010

    Wow! Powerful words! This is something I was dealing with this month due to teachers being paid on a 10 month period than a 12. I already put back money for 12 months, but life mishaps came and caused less money to be available…but this week my heart and my mind said, “Give God’s to Him first” and He will help with the rest! AMEN!

    YES! PLEASE preach it!

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