At this moment, the Tennessee Baptist Convention is receiving the Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions.  It is absolutely true that “The light that shines the farthest shines the brightest at home”  (C. T. Studd).

This past Sunday after preaching at Judson Baptist Church, I was presented a small box by Dr. Gene Mims containing several books of handwritten notes and sermons of Rev. W. C. Golden, the namesake of our state mission’s offering.  These notes date back to the late 1800’s.  In one entry Dr. Golden wrote, “The work of missions is a Divine enterprise.  The work of missions is God’s method of saving a lost world.  His means, and method, and message were all determined before time began.”

I would never ask you to give without a clear purpose for your sacrificial giving.  Here is the clear purpose:  our state desperately needs the hope that Jesus brings.  The Golden Offering is a direct pipeline of support to ministries from inner city Memphis to Appalachia, from supporting camps for special needs children to planting new churches across our state, from supporting continuing education and equipping of our pastors to providing financial support of Disaster Relief; the Golden Offering is vitally important.
Pastor would you please express a strong word of gratitude on behalf of the Tennessee Baptist Convention to your people for their sacrificial giving?  Tennesseans have a way of rising to the challenge whenever there is a great need.  This year, we need to meet and exceed our Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions.

For more information about the Golden Offering, you may go to this link:
Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions

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